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If you have questions about the league, please contact any of the following officials:

Or email the board directly at


TEAM Waiver Form - to be completed by each player on your roster prior to participation in any game.
softball_waiver.pdf   (100 kB)
USSSA Individual Player Waiver Form - a separate player waiver form needs to be signed by EVERY SINGLE PLAYER ON YOUR TEAM --- BEFORE THEY STEP ON THE FIELD.
usssa_waiver.pdf   (87 kB)
Official Church Team Roster Form
roster.pdf   (100 kB)
Roster Form Addendum (If Needed)
roster_form_addendum.pdf   (74 kB)
1st Half Umpire Schedule
ump_schedule.pdf   (50 kB)
2nd Half Umpire Schedule
ump_schedule_2nd_half_2019_-_sheet1.pdf   (48 kB)
Official Rules (updated 4.3.2019)
official_rules.pdf   (144 kB)
USSSA Liability & Medical Optional Insurance, available for each team to buy for themselves. Use 1-800 number and talk to Alicea Coy for more information.
slow_pitch_insurance_2019_2020.pdf   (450 kB)
Frequently Asked Questions about the Slow Pitch Insurance.
slow_ptich_insurance_faqs.pdf   (3,506 kB)